A brief history

IC3 Programme is based on strategic partnership between Pakistan Customs and the United States Customs & Border Protection under the Safe Freight Initiative (SFI). In the new world order following 9/11, all Customs Administrations are obliged to forge ever closer links, in terms of operational synchronization and information-sharing, to ensure that it is only the genuine commercial cargo which moves through Customs border controls with utmost speed and facilitation, and that deterrence levels are so effective that no economy should feel at risk from a hidden threat in such cargo. These are the new principles of Customs-to-Customs interaction in the context of contemporary international commerce, reflected either under bilateral arrangements, or realized through adoption of legal instruments enunciated by the World Customs Organization.

In implementing these principles, Pakistan Customs and the US Customs and Border Protection have worked together for one year and have jointly invested over US$ 8 million to create an infrastructure, which supports operational integration between them on the one hand, and ensures security and facilitation for the trade, on the other.

The Declaration of Principles on the IC3 Programme was signed between Pakistan Customs and the United State Customs and Border Protection in Islamabad in March 2006, and, inter alia, covers all exports from Pakistan to the United States.

Advantages :-

  • No delays for just in time shipments.
  • Reduced cost of business.
  • US buyers to gain more confidence in Pakistan?s exports.
  • No operational delays of cargo at US ports view necessary clearance from the IC3 facility.
  • The US Importer would avoid costs resulting from the inspection and delayed clearance of imports at US ports.
  • Reduced clearance time at both ends resulting in net gain in business for both Pakistan and USA.